4 Ways To Plan For Your Funeral Expenses In Advance

Thinking about your own funeral may feel odd or morbid, but in reality some planning now can save your family financial hardship while they are mourning your loss. An easy thing to do is financially plan for your funeral while making other financial arrangements, such as purchasing life insurance, establishing a trust, writing a will, or creating a power of attorney document. There are several ways to plan for your funeral expenses, such as: Read More 

How To Plan Your Own Funeral Service

Planning your own funeral service is one of the kindest things you will ever do. The family you leave behind will already be grieving. Planning a funeral on top of that would not only sad, but it would be stressful for them. Planning your own funeral is also smart, as you can save money. The price you are quoted now will not be changed. Imagine how nice it will be for your family members not to have to choose your casket. Read More 

3 Rules For Respecting The Deceased While Delivering A Eulogy

If you have been asked to deliver a eulogy, you may feel overwhelmed and nervous about saying the right thing. When you deliver a eulogy, you are not only saying a last farewell to a dearly departed friend, but you are also speaking for many people at the funeral. While you are planning your eulogy, keep the following tips in mind to craft a speech that reflects the beliefs of the departed and honors their life. Read More 

How To Plan A Child’s Funeral Service

Of course, any time a loved one dies there are those who are left behind to grieve. However, when the deceased person is a child, that grief is usually much deeper. There's a feeling that the child didn't get to finish his or her time on earth and that those who loved the child will also be missing out on precious experiences. If you are the person in charge of planning the funeral service for a child who has passed away, perhaps these ideas will inspire you to prepare something memorable and meaningful. Read More 

Be A Source Of Strength: How To Comfort A Friend At A Funeral

Let's face it. Nobody wants to be in the unfortunate situation of comforting a loved one who is grieving, but it happens to all of us. No matter how much we sympathize with the one who is in such emotional turmoil, it's hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes and guess exactly what they need in the midst of their grief. Here are some things that you can do and say to someone who is grieving that will be appreciated and remembered. Read More