How To Plan A Child’s Funeral Service

Of course, any time a loved one dies there are those who are left behind to grieve. However, when the deceased person is a child, that grief is usually much deeper. There's a feeling that the child didn't get to finish his or her time on earth and that those who loved the child will also be missing out on precious experiences. If you are the person in charge of planning the funeral service for a child who has passed away, perhaps these ideas will inspire you to prepare something memorable and meaningful.

The Talks - The purposes of a funeral service are to comfort those who are left behind, to pay tribute to the deceased, and to bring the beginning of a feeling of closure. As the speakers address the congregation, it is a very sweet idea to give highlights of the child's life in a very positive way. Even funny anecdotes will bring comfort to loved ones as memories are brought to mind of times gone by. 

Of course, parents and other close family members may want to express feelings. However, consider asking school teachers, Sunday School teachers, Girl Scout or Boy Scout leaders and others who have played a part in the child's short life.

The Music - Consider selecting music that the child would have loved. Children's hymns are one good choice. Some to consider are classics like He's Got The Whole World In His Hands, Jesus Loves The Little Children and All Things Bright And Beautiful.

Another idea is to select inspiring music from children's movies. Somewhere Over The Rainbow, You've Got A Friend In Me, and You'll Be In My Heart are all beautiful choices.

The Display - Another excellent way to remember a little one who has passed away is to have a collection of some of the child's personal belongings on a display table. A display of photographs from birth to more recent pictures arranged in a collage would be one way to present a life story, especially if the pictures have captions with them.

Consider displaying some of the child's favorite toys, like teddy bears, Legos, favorite books, and other special belongings. In addition, any awards or trophies that were earned would show the child's interests.

Also consider letting brothers and sisters, cousins, and close friends tuck something special in the child's coffin. A sticker placed on the child's hand, a small toy tucked beside the child, or anything else that will help children say farewell will help to heal and to bring closure.

Best wishes on planning the child's funeral service.