funeral preplanning - what you should know

3 Cremation Myths To Put To Rest

People who do not understand a process or procedure make up stories or myths to fill in the missing information. While some of this false information is known to be untrue, other information becomes an accepted myth. Cremation services have long been a victim of some of these myths. Here are a few that you can correct next time someone repeats them.  Myth: You Never Know Whose Ashes You Are Getting Read More 

3 Reasons To Consider Being Cremated

When you are making end-of-life choices, one of the things you need to think about is the final disposition of your body. When you know what you want to happen, you can tell your family what you want to have done after you have died. One of the choices you have is to have your body cremated. Being cremated may be your decision for several reasons.   Costs One of the reasons you might decide on cremation is that it is generally less expensive than a traditional burial. Read More 

Can You Hold A Funeral At Home?

For many families, saying goodbye to a loved one is among the hardest things they will ever have to do. It may be difficult to say goodbye in exactly the way you want to, which is why some people may want to hold the funeral at home. Yes, it's possible to host a funeral at your home. If you are uncertain how this works, here's what you need to know. Read More 

Tips For Handling The Cremation Service Of A Stepparent

The death of a stepparent can be as challenging as facing the death of a biological parent, especially if they had a strong part of raising you. Wondering what you should contribute after a death can add even more stress to this difficult time. Here are some tips for how to handle the cremation service of a stepparent. Tip #1: Defer to the Person's Biological Children Oftentimes your parent will handle the decisions of the cremation service, but sometimes that is left up to the " Read More 

What Should You Know Before Selecting Cremation In Your Pre-Planning?

Pre-planning funeral arrangements is a smart move that can save family and friends from having to tackle this difficult task while struggling with grief. If you are planning for a memorial service instead of a funeral because you want to be cremated, there are several things to consider beforehand.  Should You Opt for Cremation? Cremation is often seen as the more cost effective method of handling the remains of the deceased. Read More