How To Plan Your Own Funeral Service

  • Planning your own funeral service is one of the kindest things you will ever do. The family you leave behind will already be grieving. Planning a funeral on top of that would not only sad, but it would be stressful for them. Planning your own funeral is also smart, as you can save money. The price you are quoted now will not be changed. Imagine how nice it will be for your family members not to have to choose your casket. They might feel like they need to buy the most expensive one while you may select a nice one that is moderately priced. In addition, you can determine whether you want a traditional funeral, or if you want to be cremated. If you have decided to plan your own funeral, here are some ideas for the funeral service.     

The Obituary - This part of the service gives pretty basic facts.

  • As you write your obituary, think of it as a kind of biography. Besides noting the place and the date of your birth, it may be interesting to include other things that happened during that time. For example, if you were born in 1945, you might write that that was the year that World War II came to an end.
  • After you have finished writing your own obituary, think of selecting two or three people who will read it for you. If you select only one person, that individual may have passed away before you do. In addition, that person may not be able to attend your funeral. Consider selecting one principle person and then letting the other two know that, if he or she is not available, you care a great deal for them and that you would also be privileged to have them represent you.

The Eulogy - This is the part of the service where everybody gets to know you a little bit better, even though you have passed away.

  • Think of asking your children to speak at your funeral. If this is the case, you won't have to write down a single thing. They will have wonderful things to say about you, including memories of times spent together and how you touched each of their lives.
  • If you are planning to ask somebody close to you to give the eulogy, you'll need to provide information for that person. It's nice to include funny and tender anecdotes and facts about yourself that people may not already know. For example, were you an archer in your younger days? Were you voted the funniest person in your high school graduating class? What clubs and organizations were a part of your life? What was your profession? What were your passions?

The Music - Imagine getting to select this important part of the funeral.

  • If you are a Christian, consider having the congregation sings hymns like How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace. If you are known for your patriotism, think about songs like The Battle Hymn Of The Republic and This Land Is My Land. 
  • Another consideration is to have instrumental songs played. Think about having a violinist and a pianist perform music you love. Another idea is to honor your culture. For example, if you are Scottish, you might select bagpipe music for your funeral service.

As you plan your own funeral service, consider writing a letter that will be read to the congregation. It may include words of appreciation for those who have touched your life and words of love for the friends and family you have left behind. For further assistance, contact a local funeral home, such as Rose's Funeral Home Inc.