How To Plan For Your Cremation

Much like having a living will, you should make decisions regarding burial or cremation ahead of time. If you would prefer cremation, there are several aspects to consider.

Your Relatives

If you have friends and family, you might want to know how they feel about cremation. Ultimately, you have the final decision, but you may want to make family members feel better about the idea. If you are indecisive, having input from people who care about you might make your decision easier. Often, the issue with choosing cremation over burial has to do with spiritual or religious reasons. If spirituality weighs heavy in your decision, it is best to consult a spiritual advisor. Many religions allow for cremation and some that allow the practice may have additional requirements, such as the cremated remains may need to be buried in a particular area.

Your Viewing And Funeral

Just because you decide to be cremated does not mean a traditional viewing and funeral are not an option. In many instances, people choose to have a viewing the day before the funeral. This is an opportunity for people to show their support, even if they cannot be there for the funeral. If you choose to have a viewing and/or funeral, you will need to decide whether the casket will be open or closed. You may want to have an open casket, but let someone else make the final choice depending on the condition of your body at that time. When you choose cremation, you can select a basic wooden box to serve as the casket. Other factors you need to address are any particular clothes you want and any special floral arrangements that should be included. You might also choose to have a memorial service after the cremation has occurred.

Your Remains

You will need to determine what happens to your remains after cremation. Some people choose to have a special service and may scatter the ashes at a designated location, or place the urn in a cemetery or other location, such as a mausoleum. Having a designated place where you want your urn can be important if there is a place where your family is buried. There are other options for your ashes. You can choose for multiple people to have a small amount of your ashes. They may be stored in a small urn, but cremation jewelry is a unique option. Ashes can be included in a small locket to be kept on a chain as a necklace. Turning ashes into a diamond in a ring can be a special reminder.

Funeral planning can be a difficult, but necessary discussion. Being open about your selection can reduce distress for loved ones during a difficult time. 

For more info about cremation services, contact a local professional.