4 Falsehoods About Cremation

Cremation has quickly become the most popular alternative to a traditional burial plan, and for good reason—it is inexpensive, it will keep you closer to your loved one's remains, and it is environmentally conscious. However, like all things that rise in popularity, a number of myths have cropped up about what exactly cremation is. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about four of these myths and why they're myths. Read More 

How To Plan A Child’s Funeral

Anytime a loved one passes away, there is a time of sorrow. However, when a child dies, that sorrow is magnified. There is a feeling that the child didn't get to complete his or her time on earth. The loss is often so extreme that loved ones can hardly bear it. If you have been asked to plan a child's funeral, you might be feeling overwhelmed. You want it to bring comfort to those left behind, and you want to honor the child for the life he or she lived, even if it was a short one. Read More