How To Plan A Child’s Funeral

Anytime a loved one passes away, there is a time of sorrow. However, when a child dies, that sorrow is magnified. There is a feeling that the child didn't get to complete his or her time on earth. The loss is often so extreme that loved ones can hardly bear it. If you have been asked to plan a child's funeral, you might be feeling overwhelmed. You want it to bring comfort to those left behind, and you want to honor the child for the life he or she lived, even if it was a short one. Here are some ideas that might help you to plan something memorable and sweet.

A Display - One of the things that will help everybody who attends the funeral is to see a display that depicts the life of the deceased child. Some things to include are favorite toys, items that demonstrate his or her favorite hobbies, awards that were earned and artwork from school. Another wonderful display would be pictures taken from the time of the child's birth through present day. Don't forget family pictures and pictures with friends. The child's name, birthday and death day are also good to include in the display.

The Funeral Service - Because the child's life was so short, there will be plenty of time to tell anecdotes.

  • Ask childhood friends, teachers, church leaders, coaches and others who were close to the child to share special times that can be included in the message to the congregation.
  • A slide show or video presentation with accompanying music would be very appropriate. 
  • Letters, stories or poetry written by the child would add a special touch to the funeral service.

Special Music - Think of what kind of music the child would have loved hearing.

  • A children's choir would add a sweetness to the funeral service.
  • Children's hymns might include songs like Jesus Loves The Little Children, Jesus Loves Me, or He's Got The Whole World In His Hands.
  • Non-religious songs that are inspiring include songs like When You Wish Upon A Star, Somewhere Out There, Circle Of Life, Pure Imagination and You've Got A Friend In Me.

As friends and family members leave the funeral, give them something tangible to remember the child who has died. A small photograph of the child is one idea. Another good idea would be to give a bookmark with the child's name and a comforting scripture verse on it. 

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