3 Reasons To Consider Being Cremated

When you are making end-of-life choices, one of the things you need to think about is the final disposition of your body. When you know what you want to happen, you can tell your family what you want to have done after you have died. One of the choices you have is to have your body cremated. Being cremated may be your decision for several reasons.  


One of the reasons you might decide on cremation is that it is generally less expensive than a traditional burial. Some of the reasons behind the price differences include the fact that a fancy coffin isn't necessary for cremation. Most states require some kind of casket for the cremation process, but it can be as simple as a cardboard box. Coffins can be very expensive, which can cause the funerary costs to rise. The urns that will hold your cremains aren't going to be as expensive as a coffin, so everything put together will still be a great amount of savings. 

Geographical Separation

If your family is in one place and you are in another, you may want to have your final resting place near your family, which means that your body will have to be transported to where your family is. Transporting a body can be very expensive and requires a lot of logistics. However, transporting cremains is much easier, requires fewer people to be involved, and requires fewer logistics. All of that will make it easier for your body to return to your family so that your remains can be with your family. 

Environmental Issues

Many people choose to be cremated because of environmental concerns. A traditional burial generally means embalming chemicals are placed into the ground. Those chemicals can leech into the soil and contaminate it. Embalming isn't necessary when being cremated, limiting the contamination from those chemicals. Traditional burial also takes up a lot of space since most places require things like vaults for the coffins to be placed in. Cremains and urns take up much less space if you want to have your cremains buried. 

If you are making your end-of-life decisions, you need to make decisions about the disposition of your body. Cremation can be a good option for many reasons. If you haven't thought about getting cremated, it's something that you should spend some time thinking about to see if being cremated is something that you are good with. 

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