Can You Hold A Funeral At Home?

For many families, saying goodbye to a loved one is among the hardest things they will ever have to do. It may be difficult to say goodbye in exactly the way you want to, which is why some people may want to hold the funeral at home.

Yes, it's possible to host a funeral at your home. If you are uncertain how this works, here's what you need to know.

Home Funerals May Be More Affordable

Many families find that hosting a funeral at home is more affordable than some other options. Even if you choose to have your loved one embalmed, the total costs are relatively low. If you want to host a home funeral, you can still work with the funeral home to mix and match the different types of services available.

Home Funerals Do Not Require Embalming

Many people do not realize that they do not have to embalm their loved ones after death. In fact, you can have your loved one remain at the home until it is time for burial (or cremation) in many states. As long as you have the required documentation and have followed the laws, this is completely fine to do. This can lower your transportation costs and more.

Keep in mind that you still have to inform the local departments about your loved one's death. It is important that you make all the legal phone calls and submit the death to get a death certificate, even if you take care of burial on private property.

Home Funerals Allow for Ongoing Visitation

If you have a loved one who has passed and lives far from many people they know, not everybody will have the ability to travel and make a funeral home visitation. You can ensure that your loved one is accessible 24/7.

Home Funerals Allow You to Choose a Vessel of Your Own

While you may have to purchase a casket or vessel from the funeral home you choose, an at-home funeral allows you to have the vessel of your choice. For instance, you may decide that you would like somebody in your family to create a custom casket.

A Funeral Home Can Help

Even if you want to host a funeral at your home, it is possible that you can work with a funeral home to arrange it. Funeral homes can help you with a variety of situations that may occur. Contact a funeral home like Griffin Wright Funeral Home to learn more.