Tips for Preplanning Your Funeral

Regardless of your age, it isn't too soon to start planning for the future. In some ways, this includes choosing your own funeral arrangements. While this seems morbid to some, consider how much stress it could take off your loved ones, who will be having a hard enough time dealing with your passing. Here are some tips to follow if you decide to preplan your funeral.

Decide What Services You Want

A good place to start when planning your own funeral is to decide what type of services you would like. Keep in mind that none of these plans are permanent, so you or your loved ones can change your mind later on. However, it is good to give your family your wishes by planning and even paying for some of these services. Some services to consider include having a traditional funeral service or a memorial service, a viewing and visitation, or a gravesite service. Some funeral homes will allow you to pay for these services beforehand.

Customize the Funeral Plan

Try to avoid looking at funeral packages, as these can change in their cost and offerings over time. It is better to customize your funeral plan according to your specifications. This means choosing each element of the funeral on your own, from buying the casket to selecting a burial plot for yourself. Keep in mind if you don't feel comfortable with things like selecting specifics about how the service should be decorated and whether or not there should be an open-casket service, you don't have to leave instructions about these things. 

Pay for Some Services Beforehand

Preplanning your funeral doesn't always include paying for the services, but this can also help your loved ones. Not only will they know more about your wishes, but they won't have the huge burden of costs either. You don't have to pay for everything, but buying things like the cemetery plot can save your family a lot of money. One of the biggest expenses related to a funeral is the casket, so if you are choosing a burial over cremation, consider prepaying for the casket.

Get All the Details in Writing

Once you have selected the details for your funeral, get them in writing so your family knows what your wishes are. You can include the details in a safe along with your other important paperwork, let your lawyer know, or even give the details to the funeral director along with your loved ones' personal information.

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