Preplan Your Own Memorial Selection

Given the grief and stress that comes along with the idea of the burial process, most people shy away from the task of pre-arranging their own burial plans. However, preplanning your arrangements helps minimize the level of stress you leave on your loved ones upon your departure. One of the more important arrangements you want to make is the type of memorial style you will choose. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with some of the more common options to help with your decision-making process.


In terms of cost, markers are the most economical option. Markers are small stones that rest just above the site of the grave. Depending on the burial site's requirements, it might rest flush with the ground or it may be raised a few inches. Given the size of the stone, it can only accommodate very basic information, such as name, birth date and departure date.

One drawback of markers is that they can make it more challenging for your loved ones to locate the burial site. If they don't remember the exact location, they will have to search harder since the marker can't be seen from a distance.


The more common type of memorial is a headstone. Headstones are constructed from durable stone materials, such as granite. Unlike markers, headstones are much taller and can easily be seen a distance away, allowing for easier locating of the burial site.

Additionally, since they are larger, you can include more information on the headstone, such as military service or favorite quotes. They can also be designed in various shapes based on your preference. Another benefit headstones offer is that have more room if they are shared with a loved one, such as a husband and wife sharing a single headstone.


The most elaborate type of memorial is a monument. Monuments allow for the most individuality because they can be crafted in any way, or size, you would like. They are basically three dimensional structures. Skinny, tall spindles, large obelisks or mythical designs, such as a sphinx lion, are just some of the types of monument options available.

In terms of cost, monuments are the most expensive. However, they can serve more than one purpose. It is not uncommon for a monument to serve as a memorial site for an entire family, such as parents and children.

While preplanning your own arrangements is not the most favorable task, your efforts can simplify the arrangement process for your loved ones and allow them their time to grieve.