What Should You Know Before Selecting Cremation In Your Pre-Planning?

Pre-planning funeral arrangements is a smart move that can save family and friends from having to tackle this difficult task while struggling with grief. If you are planning for a memorial service instead of a funeral because you want to be cremated, there are several things to consider beforehand. 

Should You Opt for Cremation?

Cremation is often seen as the more cost effective method of handling the remains of the deceased. If you are on a tight budget or simply want to save more of your money to leave for your children, you can save on burial-related expenses, such as a casket, by choosing cremation.

If you are concerned with your remains having an impact on the environment, cremation can help prevent the need to further expand into natural resources to bury your remains. Your family can instead choose to store your remains in an urn or other ways that do not negatively impact the environment.

Are There Drawbacks to Cremation?

Although there are benefits to choosing cremation, there is one important drawback to factor into your decision making. Without a body or grave site to visit, your loved ones might feel as if they are not able to properly mourn you. For instance, if you request that your ashes be scattered in the ocean after the memorial, your loved ones might feel as if they cannot pay their respects when needed. 

How your family will react can differ. Talk to them before making the decision to cremate. You also need to focus on planning a memorial service that will allow your family to properly grieve if the cremation occurs before the service. 

What Should You Remember in Planning the Memorial Service?

The memorial service should be viewed no differently than a funeral. It is an opportunity for family and friends to come together and say goodbye. 

It is important that you select a person to lead the memorial service who is not only able to keep the service moving forward, but who can also provide words of comfort to the family. You can opt for a spiritual leader, but if you believe that someone in your family would provide the most comfort to your family, consider using him or her.

Since you are opting for cremation, your memorial service does not have to be in traditional locations. You can select a venue that speaks to who you are and will provide your family with some comfort. Consider asking your family for input on the venue.