3 Things You Can Do To Make The Funeral A Healing Process

Experiencing the death of a loved one can be very tragic. Many people find themselves dealing with inexplicable grief. For many, the funeral can be a healing process and they say goodbye to their loved one through a ceremony. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that the funeral is a therapeutic process for all involved.

1. Focus On The Good Things In The Deceased's Life

Although you will feel a great deal of sadness about the deceased's life, try to make the funeral a celebration of the good things that they did. This is especially important if the person died from questionable actions such as an addiction, suicide, or unsafe and risky behavior. Family and friends may feel worried about the deceased's state of mind when they passed, and rather than focus on this worrisome detail, try to focus on all the wonderful things in their life. This will help to remind family and friends of the good experiences that they had with the loved one, and hopefully these memories are what will fill their mind as they participate in the funeral.

2. Involve As Many People As Possible

You might feel a desire to do everything yourself, since it may feel easier and you are grieving, but you should try to involve as many people as possible. Planning and executing the funeral can be helpful for many people. You should also close friends and family members to speak if they wish to do so, help to carry the casket as pallbearers, participate in the music of the funeral and so much more. Each person who gets to participate will feel in a sense that they were able to give something back to the person.

3. Don't Make The Funeral A One Time Event

The funeral will only be a one time thing where everyone gets together to celebrate the person. But if people are still grieving you can choose an evening to get together and share stories about your loved one. On important days such as holidays, birthdays and special days in the person's life, you can do something as family and friends to honor the person. This will help everyone to cope with the loss. The funeral shouldn't be the only time when the individual is celebrated.

By doing these things you can help to make the funeral a healing process from the grief that you feel from losing a loved one. For more information, contact companies like Ryan-Parke Funeral Home.