Pre-Planning Your Funeral? 3 Unique Funeral Service Ideas

If you are lucky enough to plan your own funeral service, than you have the unique opportunity to save your family a lot of decision-related stress during their time of grief, while also being able to create an event that is tailored to your distinct personality. Though most people have been to traditional wakes and memorial services, there are so many other options to suit everyone's desires. Here are a few modern celebrations of life for the unconventional individual.

Themed Memorial Service

In America, death and mourning can often be seen as dark and morbid. However, this is not the case in every culture. Many places around the world celebrate their deceased—from Dia de los Muertos in Mexico to Famadihana in Madagascar, people are partying (as well as revering) their lost loved ones. Some Americans are following in line with these traditions by planning themed memorial services. These themes often reflect the passions of the deceased and can range anywhere from comic books to sports to gardening. A themed party is a perfect way to bring joy and personality to a somber affair.

Ashes Scattering Destination 

Cremation has continued to grow in popularity in the US, and now nearly half of Americans choose to have their loved ones cremated. There are many reasons why someone may choose to be cremated—for instance, it is both economical and environmentally friendly—but a new trend in cremation is planning a destination scattering of the ashes.

By planning a trip to honor the passing of a loved one, you're able to choose a location that is meaningful, while also providing a vacation for family members who may be bereaved and in need of a getaway.

Green Body Disposal

For the environmentally conscious, a green burial may be ideal. Green burials can be modified to fit many people's needs, but they're centered on the belief that harmful materials should not be used when placing a body in its final resting place. This generally means to embalming, but some choose to forgo any permanent, non-biodegradable materials like concrete in their graves sites.

One unique green option is to use a biodegradable casket. These caskets are made out of any number of naturally materials from bamboo to cotton. Though green caskets are made out of natural materials, they will still take a long time to decompose. But when they do, you can rest easy knowing nothing negative is being put into the environment.

If any of these unique burial services seems right for you or a loved one, tell your family, your chosen funeral home, and your attorney your final wishes.