5 Options To Save You Money On Funeral Expenses

At some point, you will find yourself involved with funeral preparations. You may be surprised to learn that the median cost of a funeral with a casket in 2012 was $7,045. Funeral costs continue to rise, but you can save money on the final arrangements. Here are a few money-saving options: 

Cremation with a Memorial Service

Cremation services are becoming increasingly popular. The projected percentage of deceased people who will be cremated in 2015 is 48.2 percent. By 2030, cremation is expected to be the preferred method of disposition, with a projection of 70.6 percent people being cremated.  If you are comfortable with cremation, you can save $4000 to $7000 in funeral costs. A funeral with a cremation only costs about $3000.

Direct Cremation

With direct cremation, the body is not embalmed, and no memorial service is held at the funeral home. The remains are cremated a short period after the death. No official viewing of the body is involved. You only pay for transportation of the body to the funeral home, the providing of basic funeral home services, the associated paperwork and a container for the ashes.  The total cost of direct cremation can be as low as $700. Since the ashes do not pose a health threat, the disposition can be handled as you desire.  Many families choose to scatter the ashes or keep them in an urn.

Military Benefits

By verifying whether or not the deceased served in the military, you could save money. The decedent may be eligible for government death benefits for military personnel, such as a free grave site space or headstone.

Medical Donation

If the decedent desired his or her body to be donated for medical research, there is little cost incurred. Formal preparation of the body is not required, and the funeral home may only charge a basic service fee. Medical donation is even less expensive than direct cremation.

Have the Funeral at Church

Many churches provide funeral services free of charge to their parishioners. This allows you to forgo the cost of using the funeral home facilities for a memorial service. However, if the funeral is traditional, you may still have to pay for other services, such as the use of a hearse.

Funeral costs can be high. Nevertheless, the appropriate disposition of a decedent's remains must occur. When you are faced with making funeral decisions, consider all of your options and their associated expenses. Schedule an appointment with a funeral home director to find a solution that meets your needs and your budget. To find out more, speak with a business like Taylor Funeral Home.