4 Simple Ways To Inject Spirituality Into Your Funeral Service Plans

Living a life in which you are passionate about your own personal spiritual outlook will often mean that when you pass away, you want your funeral to be reflective of the same ideals. Unless otherwise directed by your own personal funeral pre-arrangements or instructions of a close family member, a traditional funeral is not always a spiritual event. While you are making arrangements and plans for your future funeral service, there are a few things that you can do to ensure your event is a more spiritual occasion.

  1. Supply your own music for the funeral service. - If you make no designation about the type of music you would prefer to be played at your funeral and visitation, the entire event will be branded with basic, generic instrumental songs. You can easily inject a little spiritual personality by incorporating your own music into the occasion. Pick out a few favorite hymns, songs, or instrumental versions of spiritual tunes and create your own CD. Give the CD to your funeral director to keep with your funeral plans.

  2. Consider holding the funeral at your church or at home. - Funeral homes are perfectly fine to hold a traditional funeral, but they often exude a certain unavoidable atmosphere. You can actually choose to hold your  funeral somewhere else, such as at home or even a church, temple, or mosque if you prefer. Just talk to the director where you would like your funeral held to make arrangements and discuss your intentions with a funeral director who can help make your final wishes happen.

  3. Invite a spiritual speaker to give the resolution at your funeral. - Inviting your priest, clergyman, or church leader to give the resolution at your funeral can make the event feel much more spiritual and personal than just arranging for the director or other funeral home representative to do so. You can also arrange for specific spiritual quotations, prayers, or chants to be performed by the person who leads the resolution.

  4. Research the funeral traditions of your spiritual denomination. - Depending on your own spiritual beliefs, the associated traditions of the religion could be variable. For example, a Catholic funeral may include mass and communion at the service and a Buddhist funeral may be more simplified. To make sure your funeral is reflective of your own religious preferences, get to know the traditions of your faith and include the same ideas in your own service. Visit http://geilsfuneralhome.com/ for more information.